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Long-term tested standard machines for a wide range of applications with excellent references.
The use of high-quality materials, production monitoring and final inspection guarantees 100% quality.
In-house development in custom engineering department with fast reaction and manufacturing times. Highly flexible.
Reduction of training time and process-oriented design.
Customer-oriented spare parts and service management.
"Made in Germany" 25 years of experience in packaging machine engineering with exclusive production in Germany.
Ready for innovation. Existing systems and options are overhauled in order to achieve innovative solutions.

High-quality, innovative
packaging machines - standardised
or custom designs, user friendly
thanks to "smart display" - and
guaranteed service "Made in Germany".

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The Compacta Genius Servo – designed for fully automatic packaging. The product flow is inline, and the system is controlled by a sensor which provides for loading of the product to be either manual or automatic. Automatic feeding systems ensure superior performance levels with speeds up to 130 packs/minute dependent upon the machine configuration and product type.

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